Skype English – misconceptions

Many of those who have thought about learning English are thinking about not only the advantages of such a training option, but also the disadvantages. On specialized forums that are dedicated to this type of training, there are approximately the same concerns, which in most cases are delusions. Let’s consider the most popular ones:

1) English via Skype will not replace direct communication with the teacher
In fact, the only thing that is impossible when communicating via Skype is tactile contact. Everything else is quite conceivable for virtual communication – after all, with the help of a microphone, headphones and a webcam, you can effectively convey intonation, gestures, voice, facial expressions of the teacher. On the other side of the wire, there is not a robot, but a completely living person, and you can communicate with him in the course of classes no worse than in the course of ordinary training;

2) English via Skype is not as effective as regular classes. As a rule, this misconception is based on the unprofessionalism of teachers – it so happens that a person, communicating via Skype with a private teacher who does not have proper experience in such work or a private teacher who does not have a training program at all, is disappointed in this language technique. However, modern teaching English through Skype is professional quality education that allows you to effectively achieve your goals;

3) When teaching English via Skype, technical problems are possible. Yes, such a situation is possible, but it is extremely rare (problems with Skype are fixed quickly). Moreover, professional teachers postpone the lesson if technological problems arise in the network that interfere with the conduct of a full-fledged lesson.

English via Skype today is something incomprehensible and new, however, as the experience of students and business people shows, the benefits of this kind of occupation are countless. Do not listen to outright delusions, try new methods of learning English through Skype.